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August 29, 2010 / Gagan

Shortest Path with Geometric Network

In my project GeometricNet (Geometric Network) I have added the functionality to find the shortest path between two nodes. This is based on A-Start Algorithm . A JavaScript  implementation of A- Star is nicely done by Brian Grinstead,  same code I have included in my project. Actually scalability of the graph and related operations like shortest path on javascript is doubtful considering amount of vector data need to be loaded ( say full network of a city roads) and operation time.  I’ll test both in coming days and post the result for same.  Here is demo of the shortest path with Geometric Network.                                                                                               

By drawing  a edge network with draw edge tool, it will create network topology itself.  The graph is implemented with modified adjacency list data structure. By drawing the flags near any two nodes initiate the process to find the shortest path between these nodes. The shortest path is shown by selecting the edges of the path.


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