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September 28, 2010 / Gagan

Electric Network with Geometric Network

In my last blog “Shortest path with Geometric Network” I had shown that how easily a road network can be created with GeometricNet library. We can also find the shortest path as well using A-star algorithm.

Now I have created a example for electrical network. Here a existing network of power distribution is loaded in the window along with many network creation tools. Functionality of utility network are simulated here with this examples. Like a distribution  line can not start from substation, only high voltage line can start.  Another constraint is  from a pole one can take fixed number connections, so I have consider four and only four line can be drawn ‘to’ connection points. As electrical network is directed network, so a line can not be drawn ‘from‘  connection point to pole. There are many other Utility GIS functionalities are implemented like while drawing edge (electrical line /wire ) default end node (poles / network element ) , splitting the edge if another edge touch the same and check the edge to edge snapping rule. Please explore the more in the example.

I am not electrical engineer so all rules are with my basic understanding of electric network / power distribution. So to tackle this issue is very essential, like all GIS software, utility GIS  or AM/FM/GIS software are developed by software engineer or non domain expert. Here I have designed a configuration file that contains all the network behavior.  So by using this configuration file, I separate the domain expertise from GeometricNet library.  This  configuration file tags are self explanatory and simple.  Further to this, I am working on feature modification of  the network.


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